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We Strive To Make Each Client A "Client For Life"

"Thank you for arranging for our $5.9 million financing in a mere 2 weeks so that we could meet the auction deadline. Although we were not able to close on the purchase, we now know that quick financing is not a myth."
M. Patel (hospitality investor)



"Banks and credit unions turned us down but you still had faith in us. The $3,750,000 mortgage was the difference between holding on to our property and losing it to the bank."
Tedd F. (real estate investor)



"Thank you for providing us our recent commercial construction financing. We have been turned down by all the banks we applied to but were pleasantly surprised with working with a non-bank entity like Wincreek."

Dave H. (commercial builder)

"We were impressed with how Wincreek managed to provide us the financing we needed to acquire an auction property in less than 30 days. Our group had worked with 2 local banks on similar arrangements but due to their lack of timely responses, we had lost two previous opportunities to quickly purchase distressed properties."
Jody A. (real estate investor)



"I never knew about private lending when it came to commercial real estate mortgages; I had only relied in my banking relationships in the past. My recent mortgage from Wincreek was a great experience for my partners and me and it opened up our eyes on what to look for in a private lender."
Jeff R. (commercial property owner)



"Your recent loan for acquiring distressed mortgage notes gave us a great platform from which to grow our real estate holding business."
John R. (commercial property owner)




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