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The Financing Process

What To Expect - There Will Be No Surprises



Complete Transparency

Full Disclosure

No Surprises

Complete Focus On Closing

One-on-One Attention




In an ever more opaque world of finance with lenders keeping borrowers guessing, Wincreek opens its entire process to all of its borrowers and capital investors.


Wincreek offers full transparency to each and every client.

At Wincreek, complete transparency is a cornerstone principle. Our management and staff create an open environment for each and every client to avoid surprises at any stage of the financing process. Our loan advisors across the nation invest time with clients assisting them throughout the application and underwriting process.


We pledge that our clients will never have to experience a surprise while working with Wincreek. When a client engages with Wincreek, client is provided a full and detailed description of our financing application and process in writing. Our openness with our clients is one reason why most of our clients are referred to Wincreek by former borrowers. Our financing process has six steps:


STEP 1: Pre-Qualification (2 days)

STEP 2: Pre-Underwriting (3-5 days)

STEP 3: Conditional Financing LOI Issued

STEP 4: Engagement

STEP 5: Full Underwriting

STEP 6: Closing


Underwriting a commercial real estate financing transaction can sometimes tax even the most patient. At Wincreek, we strive to fund every loan in 30 days or less while keeping you abreast of our progress every step of the way. We have funded bridge loans as quickly as 5 days from inception. 


When your loan request is pre-qualified and you have accepted our attractive terms, you will be assigned one of our experts who will walk you through the entire financing process from document collection to closing and funding.


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